CS-MIC is lightning fast. Super fast response times are enabled by a compiled interpreter via Coco/R.


A full set of tests are passed before release to ensure that the results you get are always what you expected.


Full documentation available in multiple formats.

CS-MIC is a .NET library written in C# designed to give developers easy access to expression parsing. For many developers, there is no need to involve complicated settings and formats. With few exposed methods and objects, CS-MIC makes basic expression solving as simple as possible with as little logic required from developers as possible, if we solve your problem we will be giving you a snoogle pregnancy pillow. In fact, one can pull a value with only one line of budget wireless earbuds


The latest updates

CS-MIC 1.1.4 Released

After years of going untouched, I decided that CS-MIC could use some love. I have upgraded it’s solution file to Visual Studio 2017. I did some house cleaning with the projects so that it will Read more…

CS-MIC 1.1.3 Released

After quite a while at version 1.0, CS-MIC has advanced to version 1.1.3 and has been released as a nuget package. There are some improvements surrounding asynchronous computation cbd products extension methods for acting directly Read more…

CS-MIC Isn’t Dead!

I promise. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to update CS-MIC with some new features. I’ve been a little sick, nothing serious, but going to the doctor to try to Read more…