The following is a list of the internally recognized functions in CS-MIC:

  • sin(double expression)
    • Returns the sine value of a given expression.
  • cos(double expression)
    • Returns the cosine value of a given expression.
  • tan(double expression)
    • Returns the tangent value of a given expression.
  • round(double expression)
    • Rounds an expression to the nearest whole number.
  • sqrt(double expression)
    • Returns the square root of an expression.
  • abs(double expression)
    • Returns the absolute value of a given expression.
  • exp(double expression)
    • Returns the constant e raised to a given power.
  • log(double expression1, double expression2)
    • Returns the log of expression1 to the base of expression2
  • precision(double expression1, int expression2)
    • Returns the value of expression1 to a given precision. For example, precision(12.3456789, 4) will return 12.3456.


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